Connie H.


AMAZING! JUST AMAZING. A few weeks ago i got into one of my cleaning "sprees" (they don't happen very often.) I BEGAN downstairs near the hot water heater and furnace. I noticed on the sheet metal duct work a sticker that had been dated 1999 by CLEAN AIR SERVICE, INC. Randy and I hired this company to clean out our duct work. Figuring that after putting our addition on to our home and replacing all of our windows in 1995, along with having a dog and two cats in the house we may just need a little better air quality. And so it was done. PRESENT TIME: Now 13 years later. Hmmmm, I thought to myself, wonder what those ducts look like now? I consider myself a fairly tidy housekeeper...NO I DO NOT dust weekly like my Mom, I use to but other priorities took presidence in my life. I called CLEAN AIR SERVICE, INC. and they were here today (from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm). All I can say is "I'm breathing better already!!!" The owner showed me the vents & duct work with a light, scope and mirror. Oh my. Here's the big one: I LOVE burning candles...because I love the scent. A BIG NO NO! So for all you Candle Kings and Queens out there....stop burning candles! Why? Soot! There's proof in our home. Not pretty. Not only that, but the soot production from certain candles can be significant and may cause indoor levels of airborne soot to exceed concentrations allowed in the outside air by the Environmental Protection Agency. And change those furnace filters monthly! In the long run it is healthier for you and better for your furnace. I can't thank Randy Loew enough, from CLEAN AIR SERVICE, INC. for showing my now my shiney, dust free duct work and giving me tips on better, healthier indoor air quality! Call them! Tell Randy & Eileen "Connie referred me".