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Clean Air Service, Inc. is also a qualified Airpura air purifier distributor!


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Here is Airpura's SPEC-A design philosophy:


Simplified - Unobstructed Airflow

In other systems, air moves around different chambers and changes direction. Airpura simplifies air flow for quieter, more efficient performance and reduces noise.


Powerful - Powerful variable speed integrated fan/motor

You choose the rate you clean your air from a super quiet to premium power filtering with 560 CFM capacity.


Effective - Pressure sealed filter chamber

All of the air is filtered. No particles or gases escape the filters. Other systems allow leakage and can't achieve the claimed 99.97% HEPA efficiency.


Cleanest Air - Combination of true HEPA and activated carbon with a UV (Ultra Violet) option

Airpura units deliver truly clean air for home, office and industrial applications.


Because we are an authorized distributor, we can sell these units for the prices listed below. Please visit the manufacturer's website for more details about the individual products.


Airpura web site: ***HERE***



Air Purifier Model Price Details
R-600 $649.98 See link above
UV-600 $899.98 See link above
V-600 $749.98 See link above
H-600 $609.98 See link above
I-600 $639.98 See link above
P-600 $1099.98 See link above


An Ultra Violet option is available for all units: please add $300 to the price you see listed above.


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