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Dust Mites


What are dust mites?

Dust mites are microscopic bugs that live in many places throughout our homes. They feed on dead skin cells and dander and are generally not harmful to humans.


Why are they a problem?

The danger of dust mites is not usually life threatening; however, those who suffer from allergies will react to their waste. Dust mite feces are responsible for allergic reactions in many allergy sufferers.


What can I do about them?

Because dust mite reactions are more common when dust mites are found in large concentrations, it is important to keep up with house-cleaning and regular dusting to prevent large sources of food for dust mites from accruing.


If your duct work or HVAC system has not been cleaned or inspected recently, it could be harboring large numbers of dust mites. When your indoor air is circulated, waste from the living dust mites may be dispersed throughout your home or business.


How can Clean Air Service, Inc. help?

We can clean your air ducts to eliminate large populations of dust mites by removing their shelter and breeding grounds. We also offer a number of HEPA and Activated Carbon air cleaning units that can scrub and purify your indoor air. These cleaning units can trap dust, dander, pollen and dust mite waste.


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